2016-10-06 / Letters

58.5 million Americans lost to abortions

To the editor:

Obviously, elections have consequences. One that is life threatening, which is so common that it’s place of importance is sent to the back of minds, is the number of lives succumbed to abortion. Putting large numbers out (58,500,000 since Roe vs. Wade) doesn’t seem to alarm people anymore. That is more than one abortion for every five living Americans.

So let’s look at the numbers in a different context. Each new-born averages 20 inches in length. We are going to lay them, head-to-toe, along the highway that you drive. Every mile is 3,168 lives that have been lost. Picture them in your mind. They are real. As you see them lying there, head-to-toe, it is easy to be overcome with grief. The U.S. abortion total would cover 18,000 miles, or over 5 times across America, head-to-toe, head-to-toe.

So on your next drive, turn off your radio, and as you pass lives lost, make your resolve this election to support life.

Gene Meeuwenberg
Cherry Bend Rd.
Traverse City

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I recommend you, and others

I recommend you, and others like you, join together and form an alliance that funds and guarantees every impoverished and neglected child receive clothing, food, and education, housing and every other expense incurred in raising a child. When you do, you can then pass judgment on others.