2016-10-06 / Views

Step right up in Suttons Bay

There’s no waiting in line in Suttons Bay for leadership roles in village or school governments.

Just step up, sign your name as a write-in candidate, and you’ll probably be elected.

Your rewards? If you love your community, countless.

“I enjoy seeing kids get interested in books and schooling,” recalled long-time Board of Education trustee Kim Eike, who volunteers in the Suttons Bay school media center.

Unfortunately, only one resident has petitioned to serve on the School Board. Thank you David Buffum, who filed to retain his seat. That leaves three openings with no one to fill them.

The story is similar for Suttons Bay Village. No one filed to run for village president. And only two candidates filed for three other openings on the Village Council.

We are happy to report that enough candidates have filed to fill openings on other elected boards in the county. In fact, six people are running for four openings on the Empire Village Council, five residents are running for four trustee slots in Elmwood Township, and spirited races are underway for Glen Lake and Northport boards of education.

Hopefully, civic-minded folks — and there are plenty of them — step up in the Suttons Bay area.

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