2016-10-13 / Local News

Injury results in Leland sidewalk repair

By Patti Brandt Burgess
Of The Enterprise staff

Leland Township has hired a contractor to make emergency repairs to a sidewalk along North Main Street in Leland after a woman who was visiting the area tripped and fell, shattering her shoulder.

The Leland Township Board voted unanimously at its regular meeting Monday to have the repairs done to the section of sidewalk, which is located near the intersection of Pearl Street in front of the Tampico Imports store.

The woman fell on Sept. 30, said Clerk Jane Keen.

“When I hear of people falling and getting hurt that badly ... there’s just no excuse for that,” Keen said, adding that litigation may result from the incident.

The sidewalk was inspected last weekend and a 26-foot section in front of Tampico will be repaired at a cost of $1,650. An estimate was also sought for a section of sidewalk needing repairs on the south side of NJ’s Grocery in Lake Leelanau at a cost of $1,150.

The township will pay 20 percent of the cost of the project and the business or businesses where the sidewalk is located will pay 80 percent of the cost, as determined by township ordinance.

The work will be done this week by Wes Buss, a Northport contractor who has repaired several sidewalks for the township, Keen said.

One criteria for repairs in the township sidewalk ordinance is a 1-inch elevation change, though Keen said the township tries to get sidewalks repaired before buckling reaches that point.

Keen said township businesses and residents need to formally contact the township when they see a problem with crumbled or heaving sidewalks.

Lake Leelanau resident Susan Och suggested the township authorize a comprehensive sidewalk inspection and volunteered the Lake Leelanau Lake Association to make the inspection for Lake Leelanau.

The township accepted Och’s offer.

In other business the board:

 Approved an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance that expands the zoning district boundaries for Fishtown to include two parcels on the south side of the river that were recently obtained by Fishtown Preservation Society, including Carlson’s fish shanty.

The Leland Township Planning Commission has been working on the amendment for about four months.

 Trustee Tim Cypher also reported that Dan Korson of Lake Leelanau has been named the new chair of the Planning Commission. Korson replaces

Keith Ashley, who stepped down from the commission after several years of service, most of them as chair.

 Approved three reappointments to the Zoning Board of Appeals. Steve Plamondon and Jon Stimson were reappointed to three year terms, and Tony Borden to a one-year term as Township Board representative.

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