2016-10-20 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority Building permits issued

Village of Empire

Jason Porter (Quartersawn Custom Carpentry LLC) Construct residential change – convert apple barn to single family dwelling, two story. Alteration main floor, second floor and finished attached garage; demolish shed at 12008 S. Lake Street ($291,750).

Village of Northport

Christina B. Pfuefer (Gerard Belanger) Construct residential addition – foundation only and alteration at 610 N. Warren Street ($18,225).

John C. Mitchell (Self) Construct residential repair foundation and roof with new roof shingles at 120 S. Waukazoo Street ($67,500).

Bingham Township

David W. and Marjorie L. Reincke (Renew It Group LLC) Construct residential addition – deck at 2768 S. Center Highway ($1,900).

Matthew R. and Megan C. Gregory (United Home Services Inc.) Construct residential alteration – replace front exterior and storm door at 2085 S. Country Lane ($1,100).

Elmwood Township

Visscher A. Birnie (William H. Woodward) Construct residential unfinished attached garage, one story, wood frame at 10630 S. Timberlee Drive ($9,680).

Matthew S. and Lisa A. Rettke (Pathway Homes LLC) Construct single family dwelling, one story, wood frame, unfinished and finished basement, main floor, covered porch, covered deck and unfinished attached garage at 9288 S. Majestic Ridge Drive ($318,550).

Jerry J. Stanek (Jody L. Bonnau) Construct single family dwelling, two story, wood frame with unfinished basement, main floor, second floor, front covered porch, rear covered porch, enclosed screened porch and attached unfinished garage at 9206 E. Lakeview Hills Road ($321,020).

Empire Township

Steven A. Lee and Julie E. Tarr (Mason Construction Inc.) Construct residential addition, porch, attached unfinished garage and breezeway at 13964 S. Springview Drive ($20,860).

Glen Arbor Township

Michael T. Murray et al (Blue Bay Builders LLC) Demolish detached garage roof and add second floor. Connect detached garage to house with breezeway. Addition on crawl space, enclosed porch; alteration on house second floor bathrooms at 8044 S. Glen Lake Road ($108,675).

PLK North LLC (Eastmark Inc.) Construct single family dwelling, three stories, wood frame; crawl space, unfinished and finished basement, main floor, second floor, third floor, two covered porches, two balconies and attached finished garage at 6511 S. Sunset Drive ($667,200).

Leelanau Township

Frederick E. and Patricia A. Bryan (Peter J. Leabo) Construct residential screened porch on slab, one story, wood frame, interior not conditioned and finished at 7460 N. Cove Trail ($44,640).

Mark Schmude and Mariya Odintsova (Self) Construct single family dwelling, one story log construction 22’x22’, with unfinished basement, main floor, loft and covered front porch at 8630 N. Gills Pier Road ($71,160).

Leland Township

Sean Wanroy (Ian M. Olmsted) Construct commercial roof mount solar array; one 16 panel solar array at 106 N. Lake Street 5 ($12,393).

Jacqueline S. Lang Revocable Trust (Edward L. Krieger) Installing fourteen (14) helical piers to support wood foundation for existing addition at 624 S. Manitou Trail ($8,367).

Christy A. Ball (Brian J. Westbrook) Construct residential deck addition with steps to existing single family dwelling at 602 E. Union Street ($6,000).

Solon Township

Riness Family Trust (Self) Construct residential finished attached garage to existing single family dwelling at 4285 E. Traverse Highway ($24,960).

Suttons Bay Township

John C. and Sherryl L. Rust (Self) Construct residential unfinished post frame at 1377 S. Bay View Trail ($15,680).

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