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High insurance, debt and abortions; Change is needed

To the editor,

Let’s see both political parties have sold America a real bill of goods.

1. Both parties. Eighteen trillion dollars in debt, and no way out.

2. Both parties. They have sold out the youth of America, 54 million killed by abortion. There will be repercussions for this.

3. Both parties. Social security is being abused out of existence. The government uses the money for something and never puts it back.

4. Democrats alone. An absolutely horrible insurance plan countrywide. My brothers went up 110% this week! When it gets bad enough the federal government will ride into the rescue and make our insurance a single payer (federal) insurance. We will end up like Europe, very high taxes and no coverage.

5. Both parties but mainly Democrats. The climate change fiasco! Big news to all of you the climate~always changes. Which we should be thankful for. Example, this very area of Michigan was buried under thousands of feet of ice. It warmed up, the ice melted and now you have lakes to swim in and farm land to feed the hungry mouths out there.

6. Both parties. The Veteran Administration is still failing our returning injured soldiers. The soldiers took the bullets for you and the VA makes them wait sometimes for over a month to get an appointment, just to see the doctor.

Briefly, these are just a few examples. Do you want our nation to continue down this road to disaster? I don’t! Hillary is just more of same stuff, higher taxes, more battling between groups of people, more power for the federal government. We will end up enslaved to the federal government. Literally! We need a change...

Stephen Schlueter
Solem Rd.
Suttons Bay

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If your brother's insurance

If your brother's insurance went up 100 percent I suggest you go on the open market and get a better deal.