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Talk of the County

Having a conversation with Teri McFarlan

TERI MCFARLAN says her passion is finding vintage things at auctions and bringing them back to life. TERI MCFARLAN says her passion is finding vintage things at auctions and bringing them back to life. Name: Teri McFarlan

Town or township of residence: Elmwood Township

Resident of county since: 2005, when she moved here for her husband’s job as general manager of a car dealership in Traverse City.

Age and birthplace: I’m 59 and I was born in Saginaw.

Occupation: Owner and proprietor of Vintage Vanity in Suttons Bay that opened in June. The store sells vintage jewelry, accessories and wedding, bridesmaid, first Communion and christening gowns.

Marital status: Married to Mike McFarlan. The couple has two adult children and one grandson.

You live in Leelanau County because: We didn’t think we could afford to live here, but we found a house that was built in the 1970s and fixed it up. It’s a joy every day. Every day we feel blessed.

Last good movie you saw: “Angry Birds.” I watched it with my grandson Deegan, who is 5.

Last good book you read: “Big Magic,” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s about following your creative path in life.

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would that be: Goldie Hawn. She seems to just live her life and doesn’t care what people think, and she’s funny and cute. And she gets to be with Kurt Russell.

Things important to you that you have accomplished so far: Being a mom is my biggest, and helping people, and opening my own business. That’s huge.

What you hope to be doing in 10 years: I really want to design and make my own vintage clothing. I like to save old things, wash them and fix them and bring them back to their glory.

Things you lose sleep over: I have so many creative ideas, it’s not really losing sleep. I also worry about the kids, the environment, the violence. You just never know. When you have kids and grandkids you worry about that.

If you could change one thing in Leelanau County, it would be: I would like to see curbside recycling and more conservation of the land.

Favorite dessert: Cherry pie, since I moved here.

Are you a coffee drinker: No, I drink black tea with cream.

Favorite place in Leelanau County: North Bar Lake.

If you had more time you would: I’d make more beautiful things.

The words that best describe you are: Kind, generous, happy.

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