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‘Loaf residents look to Katofsky, then to County

To the Editor

Mr. Eric Winkelman’s letter of Oct. 27 regarding Sugar Loaf Resort speaks to the heart of the matter and his political analogy is appropriate and to the point.

He is right. Unless and until Mr. Jeff Katofsky consummates the Sugar Loaf acquisition we will remain mired in the blight that is the present condition of the Resort property.

We really hope that some good comes from Katofsky’s involvement. If not, we the Sugar Loaf Townhouse owners fully expect that the County will move vigorously to enforce compliance with all the code violations.

Tony Mattar
Unit A4, Sugar Loaf Townhouses

Editor’s note: The author is co-manager of Sugar Loaf Townhouses, LLC.

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Well said. Simple. The

Well said. Simple. The Leelanau county government with direct authority over this must act soonest, without delay, with full force of law. I, and many of my friends, are in full support of Mr. Katofsky when and if he has the means and courage to proceed. Mark D. Z.