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Positive election takes

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It’s a bold, new world out there.

Like most county residents, we’re just starting to feel the gravity of the dramatic election results of 2016.

News pundits have been babbling on since Tuesday evening — often pointing fingers at their own pollsters — about the upheaval brought by the election of Donald Trump as president. He’s been called a racist and a bigot. After hanging those same titles on President George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, however, their impact fades.

So have our senses, it would seem, after well over a year of brutal campaigning. Time will tell Mr. Trump’s heart.

Regardless of how you voted — and nearly 75 percent of you did — we’d like to stick to some positive takeaways from the election:

• Michigan is in play, and that’s good for the state. After being paid lip service through several election cycles — just like Wisconsin, Minnesota and Pennsylvania — presidential campaigns can no longer assume the rust belt vote will fall into the blue column of the electoral college.

• Competition in local races gave people real choices. Democrats and Republicans with opposing platforms faced off in six of seven County Board of Commissioner districts; commissioner Tony Ansorge ran unopposed in Elmwood. In most races, candidates represented differing views for county government. Ditto for township, village and school offices.

We’ve been around long enough to recall the days when many Democrats ran as Republicans in the Primary because of difficulty being elected as an open Democrat. Those days are gone, with proof coming Tuesday in the number of close partisan races.

• The number of candidates tossing hats in rings is also a reflection of the deep caring and sense of involvement carried by the citizenry of the county. It’s not easy running for office. You put your name and reputation on the line. A campaign can consume your life for a few months. It can be expensive. And unlike other endeavors, hard work is not always rewarded.

Our hats go off to all county candidates, regardless of their vote tally.

It’s said that a big part of life is simply showing up. Candidates did much more than show up. You made our system of governing better.

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