2016-11-17 / Front Page

Enterprise returns to full color cover

It was not our intention to create a “retro” look in Section One last week. We didn’t have a choice.

Readers were delivered or purchased a Leelanau Enterprise with a black-and-white front page for the first time since Oct. 12, 2000, when updates to our Goss press allowed us to publish full color photos.

But last week we had a decision to make when pins pushed out of place in one of the press’ units. We could have lined up another printer and delivered a day late, or taken the unit off line and be about an hour late.

“Sitting on all that election news didn’t make sense,” explained Enterprise co-publisher Alan Campbell. “We caused some problems by going black-and-white, but we had to get the paper out. I hope readers understand.”

Those problems included running several color ads and the Ken Scott Back Page photo in black-and-white. We’re re-running the ads in this edition — and a smaller version of the Back Page photo. It’s available to purchase at the Ken Scott website, and we’ll include it in our 2018 Calendar.

We also are pushing back a fall Dream Team by one week, which will open up space to cover the Glen Lake football and the Leland volleyball teams on their way — hopefully — to state titles.

Enterprise pressman Jeff Lingaur had the press back and running by Friday afternoon.

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No problem, Alan. The

No problem, Alan. The black-and-white "retro" Enterprise (and the solid, complete coverage therein) was actually fitting given that our country just reverted back decades with the election of Trump! LOL