2016-11-24 / Leelanau Log

Soil Erosion Permits

Village of Suttons Bay

Suttons Bay/Wally Delamater – (Team Elmers) Excavation to remove wooden walkway and replace with crushed limestone fines at N. St. Joseph Street ($195 permit fee).

Bingham Township

Eric Libby – (Alpers Excavating) Excavation for a new home, garage, septic system and driveway at 5862 S. Bridget Rose Lane ($125 permit fee).

Empire Township

Wade and Kathryn Roskam – (Peninsula Pavers) Installation of a seawall/rip rap with a stairway retaining wall and fire pit/patio at 7043 W. Glenmere ($125 permit fee).

Glen Arbor Township

Jane Haley/DA John Haley – (Kal Excavating) Excavate “bowl” and deposit spoils from channel redredging at 5005 Northwood. Cap with original soil and seed with stabilizing vegetation at W. Northwood Drive ($125 permit fee).

I’m Glad we didn’t go to Hawaii LLC – (Eastmark Construction) Hand dug post holes to build new deck on existing home at 6997 S. Glen Lake Road ($80 permit fee).

Jill (Stone) Kluge & Kurt – (Therrien Excavating) Excavation to install residential holding tanks at 6762 S. Dune Highway ($125 permit fee).

Leland Township

Mike Hartigan – (Lake Leelanau Excavating) Excavation for the construction of a 643 sq ft crawl space attached to back of house at 5155 E. Valley Drive ($125 permit fee).

Solon Township

Dave and Karin Sowers – (One Point Construction) Excavation for a 2-story addition off the back of the house at 6780 E. Lake Bluffs Drive ($125 permit fee).

Suttons Bay Township

Vera Hernandez – (Wilhelms Landscapes) Excavation to install 20’x25’ gravel space for parking golf cart, surround area with rock border at 744 N. Dumas Road ($125 permit fee).

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