2016-11-24 / Letters

No ‘sin’ in support for Co. Bd. candidate

To the editor:

Congratulations to Melinda Lautner on winning an 11th term. You have shown growth by recently supporting GT Band 2% grants to non-profits; this was deemed permissible by the county’s attorney in 2013. Please follow your promise to support housing with action. Two steps will cost local voters little: vote for a volunteer Housing Commission (crucial for developers and non-profits to make as much progress as possible), and support the County’s MSHDA application for the Housing Purchase and Rehab program. To protect new homebuyers and water quality, I encourage you to now support point-of-sale septic inspections — it has worked well in Benzie.

Many volunteers helped us run a vigorous, honest campaign on challenging issues including housing that working families and seniors can afford, and stewardship of our land and water. To my wife, Linda, and strong supporters Fred, Jill, George, Mary, Tom, Nancy, Jim, Barb, Traci, Tim, Betsy and others, you are gems! To contributors and those who publicly endorsed me, thanks.

The endorsement of the Enterprise was refreshing and appreciated.

To my brave Catholic supporters who discerned that they had been erroneously instructed by our pastor that a local Pro-Life Democrat candidate might be committing the sin of scandal, bless you. (That I was not committing scandal may be confirmed by the Bishop, the Diocesan Director of Communication, or by reading Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship on the USCCB website.)

To all residents—the county has a legitimate role to play in the above issues; Regardless our party affiliation, our representatives will sometimes be responsive if we respectfully encourage them with persistence and in large numbers. Please make your views known to our present representative, Melinda Lautner. I do not want to read yet another report in ten years that housing is still in crisis.

John O’Neill
P.O. Box 33, Cedar

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