2016-11-24 / Outdoors

Clear vision sought for Tart trail intersections

Users of the TART Trail are being asked to park a little farther from county road intersections in the interest of safety.

Eventually they may not have a choice.

Chris Cushman, planning and management director of TART Trails, said the organization is asking the Leelanau County Road Commission to create no-parking setbacks at intersections in Elmwood and Bingham townships. The process includes receiving blessings from Elmwood and Bingham township boards, followed by approval from the county Road Commission.

The setbacks will vary in distance from 150 feet down to complete “no parking” zones near the Leelanau Trail, Cushman said, depending upon terrain. Where parking is not allowed, he hopes Trail users with vehicles will park them at other intersections or in parking lots provided along the Trail.

A safety problem is created when cars park in road rights-of-way, blocking the sight paths of both drivers and people using the Trail.

Five intersections are located in Bingham Township; three are in Elmwood, Cushman said. No setbacks are being sought in Suttons Bay Township.

“What we’re trying to do is to have those who do want to park in the right of way to park farther away from the trail intersection,” Cushman said.

The process start with an OK earlier this month from the Elmwood Township Board. Cushman plans to attend the Bingham Township Board meeting in January, followed by a return visit to the county Road Commission.

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