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Of Catholics and Methodists, and Republicans, Democrats


A radical University of Michigan group calls police protection an “act of violence” because the police union supported Donald Trump in the election. And the troupe of a hit Broadway play called out the vice president-elect after a performance for not protecting a diverse populace.

Has America’s division grown too wide to bridge?

Only if we let it.

The histories of America and Leelanau County are filled with relationships forged among groups of people who knew little of each other until they recognized each other as neighbors.

We enjoyed reading the history page this week in Section Two, which recounts the plight of Norwegian immigrants as they settled in Michigan. Parents gave birth to three sisters — the Johnson sisters.

The sisters wrote 35 years ago of differences with neighbors:

“When we moved to Empire from Frankfort in 1891 our friends were the Payment girls. ‘We’re Catholics,’ they said, in an early conversation with Maude. ‘I’m Methodist.’ Maude replied. “We’re Republican,” the girls said. “I’m a Democrat,” Maude responded.

“A good way to start out. And we were only four years old!”

Please note how friendship overcame religious and political backgrounds.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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