2016-12-01 / Letters

The lunacy of Black Friday sales

To The Editor:

Forget football as entertainment on Thanksgiving Day. Instead take your lawn chair and sit outside of any major store that has special deals and watch the people in line. The average American actually believes they will be one of the first there when the store opens at 5 p.m. on Thursday to get one of five items that will be sold out within the first three minutes.

The people who stand in those lines for hours aren’t thinking this through very well. They could simply work two more hours at their job, and use that money to pay full price for the three items that they are competing to buy, and perhaps even be money ahead.

Maybe it isn’t about saving money at all, but the bragging rights for being successful because they were ahead of the other two hundred people in line them who get nothing for their efforts.

After nine letters to the editor about Donald Trump, I am so bored that writing about the lunacy of Black Friday sales seems like an upgrade to the status quo. Gobble, Gobble.

William E. Scott
Manor Wood Drive
Traverse City

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