2016-12-08 / Leelanau Log

Soil Erosion Permits

Bingham Township

Raymond (Pete) Riley – (Levi Krueger LLC) Remove brush and debris from clearing limits, strip top soil and stockpile on site for future use. Install 15’ by 12” CMP, Raise up road bed 2-4 inch, so finish grade of gravel is above existing grade, install 6’ minimum 22A gravel 12 ft plus 50’x20’ camper pad, seed areas of disturbance once grade is finalized at 947 West Bayshore Drive ($125 permit fee).

Elmwood Township

Dr. Jeffrey Szczepanski – (Elmers Dozer and Crane) Excavation to clean out retention basin and French drain at 12800 South Harbor Pointe Drive ($195 permit fee).

Leland Township

Fishtown Preservation Society – (Brian Price) Excavation slight leveling of ground for loose stone 1” diameter/1” deep holes at four corners for temporary shed structure. All Excavation work to be done by hand at 204 W. Cedar Street ($90 permit fee).

Color Beach LLC/Joe Colgrove – (MAC Custom Homes) Excavation to demolish existing home on site. Prepare site for new construction construct new home where existing home was at 5316 N. Manitou Trail ($125 permit fee).

Leland Township

(Kent Companies/Leelanau Excavation) Excavation to replace curbing and adjust catch basin at intersection of M-204 and St. Joseph Street ($195 permit fee).

Dave and Barb Bigelow – (Soper Construction) Excavation to demolish existing house and garage and construct new one in place, patio, decks and septic system at 1282 S. Manitou Trail ($125 permit fee).

Suttons Bay Township

James Grigsby – (Mark Kellogg) Excavation for a new garage and driveway at 2160 N. West Bayshore Drive ($125 permit fee).

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