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DeVos has not supported public schools

Letter to the Editor;

Does your child attend public school? If so, you have reason for concern. Trump has nominated Betsy DeVos, Michigan billionaire and major donor to the GOP, for Secretary of Education.

DeVos does not support public schools. She has neither sent her children to a public school nor ever worked in a public school system. She does not have a degree in education or teaching experience. She has consistently worked to divert tax money from public schools to for-profit charters and other private schools through the use of vouchers.

Some of the charter schools — especially in Detroit — are so poorly run that even other charter school advocates have called for additional oversight, which DeVos successfully lobbied against! Without adequate oversight the charter school movement in Detroit has become a sad mess where profiteers are enriched while students are poorly served.

I don’t doubt her sincerity; she and her husband Dick (son of Amway cofounder Rich DeVos) have spent millions to pursue their educational agenda. But that agenda is the privatizing of education in America. The next Secretary of Education should be someone who has a record of advocating for and supporting public schools. That does not describe Betsy DeVos.

T.W. Gutowski
S. Lakeview Rd.
Elmwood Township

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In reality, charter schools

In reality, charter schools are public schools. They are non-profit and provide a choice for students that may be stuck in an underperforming school. It is true that some non-profit charter school boards hire for private companies to operate the schools.

It is amazing how the rich

It is amazing how the rich forget the minions who work for them and made their billions.