2016-12-08 / Letters

Kids should learn to question blind obedience

Letter to the Editor;

This is an open letter to our county’s teachers and school administrators.

Teachers and school administrators: The world’s worst atrocities have been enabled by a collective blind obedience. Please don’t teach this skill.

Please encourage kids to question the rules. If they don’t know how to do this respectfully, please teach them how. Whenever possible, please be willing to explain how your rules benefit or protect the school community. Please be aware of times you might be using fear to teach submission. And please be open to revising your rules as needed.

Of course, I am not suggesting you cultivate a sense of permissiveness or obnoxious entitlement. Nobody wants that. Rather, I am suggesting that you undertake the task, in whatever ways you can, of teaching respectful disagreement, critical thinking, and meaningful exchanges. If there were ever a time to demonstrate and value these skills, it would be now. This generation of kids needs it. Thank You.

Suzanne Couturier
S. Lake Leelanau Dr.
Lake Leelanau

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Amen Suzanne!

Amen Suzanne!