2016-12-15 / Letters

At Christmas welcome Jesus into your heart

To the editor:

With another Christmas holiday rapidly approaching, I would like to ask, are you ready? I don't mean just getting gifts and planning meals and such. I mean are you ready for Christmas! Every year we celebrate the birth of the Christ, the Lord and Savior of the entire human race. Truly the only hope for all of us.

In every one of us there is a God shaped hole that Jesus wants to fill. He wants you to be willing to open your mind and heart to Him. You're in control whether you let him in or not. He will never force his way into your life. You have to invite him. Please take the time this Christmas to attend church. It won't hurt you, and with an open mind and heart, you just may find whom you need to fill that God shaped hole in your life. Believe me it's there.

Stephen Schlueter
E. Solem Rd., Suttons Bay

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