2016-12-15 / Views

Timbershores’ latest plan moves away from public trough

The answer has moved to maybe.

The developers of a proposed large-scale RV park and recreational complex at what has historically been known as Timbershores deserve a chance to be heard.

Whether the proposal meets local zoning is another matter. But we do commend the owners of the property, including principal Fred Gordon, for coming up with private financing for the project.

The Township Board has previously nixed plans by the would-be developers of Timbershores, who now want to build a 266-unit RV park and other amenities on the 178 acres and 1,600 feet of frontage they still own on West Grand Traverse Bay.

One of the past plans called for the township to seek a massive grant from the Michigan Land Trust Fund to underwrite the development.

Then public monies would have been needed to run the place.

The property is owned by RVTS Acquisition LLC, which includes several investors and is headed by Mr. Gordon. He seems like a nice enough guy. And apparently the group plans to use its own money — or borrow enough from private sources — to make its dreams come true. That’s good, because we see no yearning on the part of county residents for a tourist development subsidized by public funding.

But if the latest plan meets local regulation and gains approval, it could become a major economic force on the Leelanau Peninsula.

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