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Trail groomed and ready

Phone 334-4486

The last report I saw for the Heritage Trail was that the trail was groomed from Glen Arbor to Glen Haven, from Glen Haven to the Dune climb and from the Dune climb to Empire. The report stated that conditions were excellent. The part of the trail not groomed as yet is Glen Arbor to Port Oneida road and Port Oneida road to County Road 669.

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The Lakeshore is taking applications or ideas from people interested in the Sleeping Bear Inn and garage. If you have any interest in leasing, contact the Sleeping Bear National Lake Shore.

I hope somebody takes it over and opens it again. That would be great.

* * *

Sincere condolences to the many friends and the family of Jeanette Wepking.

* * *

Happy Birthday wishes to Nina Louisa Wheeler.

* * *

Enjoy your family, friends and if possible neighbors. Be safe, be kind and have fun during the holidays.

Go Hawks

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