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Homesick New Zealander corrects ‘Australian’ recipe

To the Editor

I wish to bring to your attention to an error in the article, Section 2, page 7, of this weeks edition of your paper. A recipe entitled Australian Delight was (published from a church recipe book). Australian Delight? I’ve never heard this recipe called that before, and I doubt any Australian has ever called it that either. Wrong name and wrong country.

The recipe is for a Pavlova, or Pav as it is common called in New Zealand. The Pav is New Zealand’s national dessert - the New Zealand version of Apple Pie. And just like the competition between US and Canada, the Pav’s provenance has been hotly debated between New Zealand and Australia. Historic recipe books have been scoured for the earliest possible entry, books have been written on the topic, it has even been a topic of studies at university. And the final decision? The Pav belongs to New Zealand, traditionally topped as in Mac’s recipe by sliced kiwi, New Zealand’s national fruit - additional proof there. However, I must note that, in New Zealand, the kiwi is never called just ‘kiwi’, always kiwifruit. To a New Zealander a kiwi is their national bird - not a good look sliced on any dessert. But wherever it is made - New Zealand, Australia or cooked right here using Mac’s recipe (please give it a try) the correct name is Pavlova. But (the author’s) right about one thing. No New Zealand Christmas dinner would be complete without a Pav topped with sliced strawberries and kiwifruit.

Ingrid Zotter
A homesick kiwi at this time of year,
11051 Mann Rd
Traverse City MI 49684

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