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Christmas a time to share your gift

It’s Christmas at a point in history when you aren’t suppose to say why it’s Christmas.

Here at the Enterprise, we’ve never been overly worried about political correctness. We say Merry Christmas, we write stories that include Christians reflecting upon their beliefs, and we publish the service schedules of county churches — which represent various denominations of Christianity.

We’re not willing to sacrifice the Christian faith, which represents the beliefs of most county residents, to avoid risk of offending those who follow other paths, including those who are atheists.

And people of the Jewish faith. And Muslims. And those who hold other beliefs.

That doesn’t mean we intend to lecture or shun people whose thoughts are different. Far from it. America’s great attributes must include a healthy respect for the opinions of others in order for this grand experiment to work.

But reciprocity is required. Respecting someone’s belief in humanism should not require avoidance in showing — or worse, shunning — your own faith in Christianity.

Regardless of what you believe, it’s nearly impossible to avoid happiness showing on the faces of so many people this time of year.

Gifts and giving are infectious. So is singing. And laughing.

Ugly Christmas sweaters bring smiles. Neighborhood caroling opens doors.

The business of living, of playing out this gift of life, can overwhelm. Christmas provides an excuse to drop the crystal ball holding your fears about the future — whether you believe in the Biblical teachings of the holiday or not.

Let’s share our gifts at Christmas, and every day of the year.

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