2016-12-29 / Letters

Giving hope should take in volunteering

To the editor:

In last week’s edition of the Leelanau Enterprise, I was disappointed to read Nancy William’s angry letter in which she urges others to join in her activities to publicly oppose President Elect Trump. She describes many ways to minimize her “helpless feelings and give hope in these perilous times.” Such hateful negativity is sad to read especially during the Christmas season as we seek to celebrate love, forgiveness and helping those in need.

Perhaps Ms. Williams could alleviate her “helpless feelings” by volunteering to The Empire Area Food Pantry that was also featured in the Leelanau Enterprise. This group ensures that goods from food rescue organizations are available and distributed to folks who need them. And her assistance would be most welcome.

Hasn’t our country endured more than enough of nasty accusations from both parties?

Isn’t it time to stop all the useless bickering, unite as Americans and pray for the success of our President Elect Trump?

Cynthia Wilson
S. Coleman Road, Maple City

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