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Resolutions for 2017, from typos to socks

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What to do in 2017? We have some ideas as the time for resolutions approaches:

 To Jeff Shaw, just-seated Elmwood Township supervisor, we suggest resolving to wear an extra pair of socks to fill the shoes of Jack Kelly. Recall the political mess that was Elmwood Township when he was first elected in 2008. Through an open mind — and open communication — he leaves behind a balanced budget, an energized and expanded fire department, and a minimum of political wrangling at meetings — discussions about parties hosted by Leelanau Farms and Vineyards excluded, of course.

 To county emergency coordinator Matt Ansorge, you’re doing a great job. But we hope he resolves to stop sending out weekend travel guides that are hardly within his job description. In case you’re not on the email chain, Mr. Ansorge sends out a lengthy email periodically that requires a fair amount of research. He explains what movies are showing, where high school sports teams are playing and a weather wrap-up that leaves most chambers of commerce in the snowbank. For those of us not in public office, we can’t help but wonder why such a calendar is coming from anything other than a tourism bureau.

Please stick to emergencies and managing, things you do well.

 To downstate attorney Fred Gordon, who continues to push development of the former Timbershores property, a resolution is needed in short order to get authorization — and a price — to tap into the village-township municipal sewer system. With a hook-up fee paid by residents of $17,500 per unit, the cost to extend the system for his proposed 268-unit RV park comes to ... well, an amount that needs to be discussed sooner rather than later.

 All county commissioners should resolve to close their eyes when dealing with people and issues they may hold personal feelings about. In particular, we recall the 4-3 vote barely in favor of clerk Michelle Crocker’s move to give former chief accountant Jennifer Zywicki a new title with more responsibility — and no increase in pay. Ms. Zywicki, a Democrat, lost in the General Election to Treasurer John Gallagher III. After hearing the reasons that three Republicans provided for opposing the motion, we have to wonder if the election didn’t have a lingering effect on Ms. Zywicki’s popularity with the County Board.

 Along those same lines, county Equalization Director Laurie Spencer should resolve to close her mouth when she has unsubstantiated allegations against a fellow county official. Twice now she has pointed fingers at Treasurer Gallagher, and twice her charges have been rebuffed. A resolution to offer a public apology should also be in order.

 To the Empire Village Council, a resolution is needed to delve deeply into a feasibility study underway showing the costs and benefits of building a municipal sewer system. Nearly a decade ago Northport Village and Leelanau Township were provided tables for repayment of a joint sewer bond that proved untrue. Now those payments are disrupting their financial stabilities.

 Leelanau political and social leaders should resolve to stop dominating local meetings with requests about topics far beyond the responsibilities of counties, townships and villages. Commissioners last week heard GOP leaders rant on about how much space a billion dollars worth of $100 bills would occupy, apparently in reference to our out-of-control national debt. Enterprise staff writers have witnessed scores of presentations about the Enbridge pipeline. Before that the lectures included global warming and abortion.

All are meaningful topics in capital buildings.

They’re a waste of time in township halls.

 For the Leelanau Enterprise, we resolve to provide you with fewer typos, make fewer mistakes and shoot more photos. Perhaps more importantly, we resolve to draw more residents into our pages, to reach out for new thoughts and more accounts of events. Please let us know how we do.

 We should all resolve to drive slower on M-22, buy a new pass for the Lakeshore, attend a local meeting of your choice just to say hello, and to speak more and text less.

And have a Happy New Year.

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