2017-01-05 / Front Page

Recalling a year of change

2016 proved ... interesting.

And intriguing.

And in many respects, surprising.

Certainly it could be argued that 2016 was a year of change, as only three stories in the top ten list for 2015 carried over into last year.

The ongoing saga of SugarLoaf didn’t make that 2015 list for the first time in many years. But SugarLoaf roared back as a news maker in 2016, taking the No. 2 slot.

Some stories were bound to drop off — the storm of 2015 was, hopefully, a one-time event — and be added — 2015 was not an election year .

With a look into the rear-view mirror, we present the top ten stories of 2016 as voted upon by the staff of the Enterprise.

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