2017-01-05 / Letters

Riparians are solution to health of Glen Lake

To the Editor:

I find it absurd that with hundreds of million dollar plus properties surrounding Glen Lake that the Glen Lake Association would ask the Ottawa- Chippewa band for grant money to study township ordinances when the lake is totally developed.

There is a house on virtually every 100-foot lot around the entire lake with the exception of the few thousand feet owned by (the National Park Service).

I urge the Grand Traverse Band to grant their funds somewhere with less resources. To maintain Glen Lake’s water quality, property owners need to stop putting toxic substances down the sewer. The only treatment it gets is filtering through the spring sand and into the lake. The same goes for fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and herbicides which are being spread and sprayed daily, six months of the year, all around the lake.

Glen Lake looks pretty but as an ecosystem it’s not that healthy. Take a look at the MDNR fish consumption advisory. You’ll find high chloridane levels. It is on old insecticide from the first resorters that, like DDT, goes away very slowly.

I think as a public service the Leelanau Enterprise should publish the consumption advisory for area lakes. The DNR use to give them out with the rule books. It was three times the size of the rulebook, and according to the DNR was too expensive to print. If you want to know what you’re eating you need to contact Lansing for a copy.

John Eichstadt
Miller Hill Road
Glen Arbor

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