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Trump a ‘crotch grabber;’ first lady a ‘soft porn’ artist

To the editor:

In a few days we witness the inauguration of a president and the installation of a first family. I will accept neither. For people who say “get over it, move on, let’s work together, all unite”, I say blah, blah, and blah. Be a resistor. Here’s what we are getting: a misogynistic man lying about almost everything; a man who is vengeful, (he would like to sue the press; to hell with the first amendment); a man with no boundaries, a crotch grabber who makes fun of the handicapped; a shameless, despicable, amoral person who surrounds himself with similar types. We are getting a first lady soft porn artist with whom the magazine industry will have a field day, a son who likes to shoot large animals while they are standing still, and a daughter who is wiggling her way into the first lady’s job.

We are losing a President who made our country a better, safer place to live. A man who made good decisions: he saved GM and Chrysler; created health care for 30 million people; supported marriage equality and other laws Republicans wouldn’t touch. He is a charismatic man of integrity and high moral standards. We have a gracious and involved First Lady who should be the envy of her detractors. Add two wonderful, intelligent daughters and we have a model first family.

This election was a pox on our Democracy. We need to fight the incoming cadre of questionable Trump nominees. How do we do that? We keep the investigations and information flowing on these people. Support your local media. Renew subscriptions, advertise, and write articles and letters to the editor. A free, accurate and fact-based press stands between us and fascism.

Elmwood Township

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I am happy that we are

I am happy that we are getting a president that uses his "bully pulpit" for creating jobs in Michigan and not for accepting perverse sexual behavior and redefining marriage. January 20th can't come soon enough.

Great letter! I am

Great letter! I am embarrassed to think this abysmal excuse for a man will represent this nation. Wait and see - Republicans will be ashamed of what they have done.