2017-01-12 / Letters

Agrees with writer; Obamas put Trumps to shame

To the Editor:

I share the views expressed by W.D. Bushey in his letter of January 5, regarding the need to keep investigations and information flowing on the “questionable Trump nominees.” It is possible that Mr. Trump in his seeming disdain for the media will try to eliminate a free press, our right to be informed. Along that line, Mr. Bushey points out how vital it is to support local media, subscribe, advertise, write articles and letters to the editor. Communication is all important now, especially with an incoming president who seems to despise the media.

I’m concerned for our country. Here we’ve invited into the White House an individual whose crude language reveals a man whose vocabulary is so limited that he speaks in sentence fragments. He seems unable to focus on issues. He appears to be ego driven. His behavior and vulgar comments regarding women are insults. I keep thinking how appalled my grandparents and parents would be to hear such talk. I want to wail, moan, gnash my teeth. I feel helpless, so the best I can do right now is to write a letter to the editor and hope it gets into print.

The Obamas presented a dignified civility that should put the Trumps to shame. I will miss our present first family.

Mary Sharry
P.O. Box 95, Empire

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