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Dems ‘stuck in denial,’ helping America’s return

To the editor:

Albert Einstein once said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

What would happen if a football coach took his team on the field with all the plays planned ahead of time, regardless of what the other team did? Right now, the Democrat party is doing just that. They are stuck on the field with a failed game plan while their coaches are on the sidelines crying and yelling obscenities at the other team. Meanwhile, the other team is marching up and down the field, scoring at will.

Democrats are having trouble swallowing their pride, learning from their failures and making adjustments.

The military has a motto when things get bad: Adapt and Overcome. Another is No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. Both relate to the ability and need to change direction when failure is imminent, thereby turning defeat into victory. Democrats have been beaten in elections at all levels of government, suffering unprecedented losses, for eight years because they won’t admit they have lost connectivity with the needs and wants of the people.

Before you can defeat an opponent, you must first acknowledge he exists and evaluate his strength accurately. They have done neither.

They are writhing in agony because they believed their own propaganda and apparently still do.

It is wrong to gloat on another’s misery, however, there is little sympathy for those that bring it upon themselves. Democrats will not sway future votes if they are perceived as inflexible and serving their ideology rather than the people. They can only blame their losses on themselves and their leader, Barack Obama.

America is watching and the longer this continues, the greater the divide between them and America. I hope they remain stuck in their denial and continue to fade away, making America great again.

Jim Miller
Omena Point Rd.

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A true leader is simply a

A true leader is simply a servant who takes care of everyone.

I did a quick search

I did a quick search regarding the qualities people look for in a good leader. Here is what I found; if you disagree, try it on your own. The ability to learn from themselves and others, no matter the situation. A humbleness that is inspiring. Integrity, honesty and a strong moral compass Mental toughness and resilience under adversity. Capacity for love, compassion, sensitivity and understanding. Ability to breach the dichotomy between big vision and the smallest detail. Sincere respect for human dignity and genuine concern for others. Taking responsibility for themselves and their behavior. Inspiring words, actions and emotions that propel others to go beyond their preconceived limits. The ability to renew themselves and others through story, humor, perspective and reflection.