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January 19, 2012

Students in two of four county school districts enjoyed a four-day weekend as the second major snowfall of the season Friday canceled classes on the eve of the Martin Luther King (MLK) holiday. That was followed by the worst snowstorm so far this winter all day Tuesday, although no area schools cancelled classes.

* * *

Despite the last-ditch efforts of one of its would-be developers, Leelanau County is expected as soon as today to regain control of its former Leland courthouse property. A court order signed about six weeks ago by 86th District Court judge Michael S. Stepka voids a land contract between Leelanau County and Varley-Kelly Properties, L.L.C., which entered into an agreement in 2007 to buy the former county seat campus for $2.4 million.

* * *

Jan McCurties and Jessica Plamondon are helping hands people, but you only get to hear their voices. They are multi-taskers who can react quickly in an emergency situation, then go minutes or hours without even a phone call. McCurties and Plamondon are two of the 10 county dispatchers, who provide 24-7 service 365 days a year.

January 18, 2007

Leelanau County plans to terminate its lease with the operator of the Maple Valley Nursing Home. The Leelanau County Board of Commissioners decided Tuesday night to put nursing home operator John Kasben on notice that his lease will expire in six months. Although Kasben owns the business and holds the state license for 25 nursing home beds, the county owns the building and land.

* * *

Some major changes may be in store for the largest single planned unit development in Leelanau County. Officials of the Village of Suttons Bay have been working behind the scenes in recent months to facilitate the possible creation of a new “office district” at the north end of the village east of Scott Hill Road, where Phase Two of the BayView project is currently under construction.

* * *

The 106-year old championship Eastern Cottonwood tree on River Street in Leland will lose a good part of its crown, but will be spared from being taken down. At a special meeting Tuesday morning, the county Road Commission reviewed written reports from three certified arborists hired by the citizen-formed Leland Champion Tree Group.

January 21, 1982

The Leelanau County Apportionment Commission defended its county commissioners redistricting plan and lashed out at its critics Monday, stating alternative plans proposed by Leland and Elmwood Townships are equally guilty of carving up townships into commissioner districts. “It’s a matter of whose ox is getting gored.” County Prosecutor and Appointment Commission Chairman Joseph E. Deegan said as he reviewed the apportionment appeal filed by the townships with the Michigan Court of Appeals.

* * * Three Travese City developers have received preliminary federal approval for a low-interest loan to build a 18-unit apartment complex in the Village of Empire. Fred Schmidt, Ken, Schmidt and Lee Russell told the Empire Council Tuesday night that their pre-application for a $504,450 loan from the Farmers’ Home Administration had received approval.

* * * A Grand Rapids man who was purchasing a vacation home in Suttons Bay has been returned to the United States after spending more than a year in a Cuban jail on drug charges. The 26-year-old was returned Jan. 9 and is now in Miami, the Detroit News reported yesterday.

January 17, 1957

Charlevoix coastguardsmen Saturday night came to the rescue of two men and a young girl stranded aboard a 65 foot diesel-powered boat in Lake Michigan northeast of Northport after the craft’s engine failed. The 65-footer, named the Tramp and operated by the Sterling Nickerson lumber company of Kingsley, had left Northport at 2:30 in the afternoon bound for South Fox island where the Nickerson company has been cutting timber, hauling it ot the mainland.

* * * Leelanau County cherry growers will join others from Northwest Michigan Monday evening at 8:00 in the auditorium of the high school at Traverse City for discussion of a bargaining association to market red tart cherries for processing. The principle speaker, invited here by the newly-formed Great Lakes Cherry Producers Marketing Cooperative, Inc., will be Berkeley I. Freeman of the Washington-Oregon Canning Pear Association.

* * * Residents of Bingham School District No. 5 will attend a special meeting Tuesday, January 22, beginning at 7:30 p.m., at the school to discuss consolidation plans. John Bacon of Empire, county superintendent of the schools, also will attend. Bingham Five, along with other closed districts throughout Michigan, has only until June of this year to join active districts voluntarily or they will be assigned to other units.

January 14, 1897

The following towns were represented on the board of Supervisors last week as follows: Leelanau, S. C.

Garthe; Suttons Bay, Howard Kehl; Bingham, John Lawrence; Elmwood,

James E. Campbell; Solon, L.

Ruthardt; Kasson, A. S. Fritz; Glen

Arbor, John Trumbell; Cleveland,

Peter Swanson; Centerville, Joseph

Krubber; Leland C. H. Kahrs.

* * *

ADV.: “Notice To The Public! You are hereby notified that Clayment Krantz is not in my employ, and I will not stand by any contract or job that he may take hereafter. I am still in the well business and will hereafter give my special attention to digging or repairing wells, and will warrant all work done. John Deuster, Suttons Bay, Mich.

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