2017-01-19 / Letters

March for equal pay, reproductive health care, planet

To the Editor:

On Saturday, January 21, I will be marching to protect the rights of the people and our planet, the rights for which our forbearers fought and died. I will march because women deserve access to reproductive healthcare. I will march because women deserve equal pay for equal work. I will march because women deserve more than being demeaned and objectified by their leaders. I will march to protect our planet. I will march for our children, and their children, to insist that they finally inherit true equality in the country we love.

I care about the rights for humanity regardless of anyone’s race, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, sexual identity, gender expression, economic status, age, appearance, or disability.

I will march because there is still more work to do. We will not be silenced. With eyes open, head high, and heart full, on this memorable Saturday, I will march for us all.

I invite you to join our peaceful march. Saturday, January 21. We will meet at the parking lot next to the Chamber of Commerce building in Traverse City at noon. After we march, we will then meet up at the Workshop Brewery on Garland St. This event is to let our elected officials, from local to federal levels, know that We are Watching. We will let you know when we see you doing the right thing and we will let you know when you are not.

Kathy Dawkins
McLeod Dr.

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Good for you girl!

Good for you girl!