2017-01-19 / Letters

No rec center for residents on fixed incomes

To the editor:

To the people of our town of Suttons Bay. I hope the big school super doesn’t have any more plans for our money. Most of us are on Social Security and we really need a new gym and swimming pool. We don’t even have enough students for a football team. Get real.

Cadillac is losing it’s big idea for the same thing Mr. Nelson is going for and they are closed because they couldn’t afford it. Give us a break. We need to purchase school buses for our students and not tear down our school and build a partial new one. He should go back to his big city and make plans for it where his town has big money and not to try ours a big metropolis. With so much unused property we can’t afford the taxes now.

Thank God for food pantries to supplement a lot of people now so they can live.

There are no good paying jobs in our town now and no rental places. Take Heed.

Speaking of swimming lessons, my children took lessons in the bay. They had a teacher that did it.

Emma Jean Nelson
P.O. Box 204, Suttons Bay

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