2017-01-19 / Letters

Votes protect us from ourselves; more ‘vital laws’

To the editor:

I would like to thank Rep. Frantz and Senator Booher for voting to protect us, from ourselves and passing two more laws vital to our health and welfare in Northern Michigan. These votes are saving us from making decisions on how we carry groceries home [paper or plastic] and also how much we can get for selling our home produced energy back to the company. How about those lobbyist right here in Northern MI. I also thank who ever for taking individual price tags off the items I buy, it sure is fun to locate the price somewhere on the shelf.

John L. Evans
Bodus Road

Editor’s note: The laws referred to were passed in the lame duck session of the Legislature. The “paper or plastic” law restricts local governments from passing ordinances banning plastic bags for carrying purchases made in retail stores.

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