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Open conversation needed

Being that the Enterprise could be considered a center for the promotion of public discussion — which sounds something like a coffee klatch — we’d like to offer our insight into the plight of the International Coffee Club of America.

Our stories about the 52-year-old club, which has been excluded from township-owned meeting places, have contained what folks tell us on the record.

It’s obvious that more is going on. What’s not to like about an organization based on cheap coffee and friendly conversation?

Apparently a few things. Most township officials are not fans of the club. Their complaints range from leaving behind a messy room to putting up with raised voices sparring over politics. True or not, that’s what is being said, and what has affected public policy. The updated fire hall in Leland was enlarged without including a community center that could be used by the club, which met in the hall before the rebuild. And the Township Board is saying that a community room at the new harbor building is off limits even during months of the year when it’s mostly empty and always quiet.

Board members were mostly quiet at their meeting last week when the latest request was made. That’s a shame. There’s no reason why the building shouldn’t be used by the coffee club and other “local” groups during the off season.

But there should also be rules. Simple ones. Start with, “Leave the place cleaner than you found it.”

The Club could help itself by inviting female “members.” And the township could make that a condition of the use of the public place. Not that we can envision a lineup of women at the door.

We learned this week that the club will be meeting at Sisson’s for coffee, which will benefit a local business. Before that, the Leland Lodge was kind enough to open its doors to keep the club’s tradition alive.

We’re glad it’s working out. This was a case, like many, that would have benefited from open conversation.

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