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Inauguration moves county Republican chair Josephus

Several Leelanau County residents were in Washington, D.C. Friday to celebrate the inauguration of the Donald J. Trump, president of the United States.

Karan Josephus, chairman of the Leelanau County GOP, and her husband, Steve, were among the estimated 900,000 people to witness in person Trump taking the oath of office.

“It was a humbling experience,” Josephus said. “Every person who cares about the country or government should go.”

Trump’s inauguration was marked by Bible readings by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York and the Rev. Dr. Samuel Rodriguez. The invocation was given by the Rev. Paula White and prayer offered by the Rev. Franklin Graham.

“For Constitutionalist who believe in the Judeo-Christian basis, this was welcomed,” Josephus said.

Security was extremely tight for the event with snipers posted on rooftops near the Capitol and along the parade route. Security was so tight, Josephus said, that it impeded attendance at the parade following the ceremony.

“There was some talk about there not being many people at the parade,” she explained. “We went out of the gated area to get lunch and in order to get back in (to the secure area) we would have had to walk 10 miles.”

Also attending the inauguration were Judy and Jamie LaFave, Alex and Jane Maximovich and Gordon and Sharon Zimmer, all of north Lake Leelanau. The couples also attended the Michigan Inaugural Gala later in the evening.

“I would have like to have gone, but that would require getting my husband into something other than jeans,” Josephus said, jokingly.

The experience was joyful, said the county GOP chair. She has attended GOP events at the state level, but never on a national scale.

“My husband sometimes questions why I spend so much time on political activities,” Josephus said. “Now, he understands. It was my first inauguration, but it won’t be my last.”

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