2017-01-26 / Letters

March organizer pleased with turnout; ‘We are watching’

To the editor:

Thank you to all that attended our We are Watching march Saturday, Jan. 21 in Traverse City.

We expected maybe 500, and instead, the police tell us we had 3,000. They also let us know that we were respectful and lawful.

It does not stop with the march. As citizens of this country it is our duty and responsibility to let our elected officials know that we are watching what they are doing. If we agree with their actions, we will tell them. If we do not, we will let them know why.

They work for us, from our local government to the federal level. We can not complain if we do not contact them. Telephone calls, letters, and emails are ways to communicate. Attend your local meetings. Show up at your village, township, city, and county meetings. Remind them that you are watching and listening. Remind them that all of us matter, regardless of anyone’s race, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, sexual identity, gender expression, economic status, age, appearance, or disability. Remind them that we demand protection of the rights of the people and our planet, the rights for which our forbearers fought and died. Remind them that we care about our children, and their children, and we insist that they finally inherit true equality in the country we love. If we do not, then others will.

Kathy Dawkins
McLeod Dr

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