2017-01-26 / Views

Is it time to give national politics a rest?

Were we right in putting the women’s marches in Washington and Traverse City on the front page of the Enterprise this week?

This is a real question. We’d really like to know.

One of the major problems in journalism today has been a lack of engagement. Or to be more precise, a lack of engagement in things that are important to folks who reject politics as a way of life.

As a profession, we’re pretty good at covering political activists.

In fact, some times it’s hard not to cover them — such as during the march in Washington. Which was followed, not surprisingly, by ongoing speculation about how many actually marched. And talk of more protests.

But are you getting tired of the rancor that seems to be ... everywhere? Do you want the Leelanau Enterprise to continue putting national politics on the front page, even if we provide coverage through the eyes and mouths of county residents?

Frankly, after a full year and a half of national debate, we’re ready for a rest.

What do you think?

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It is your job to report the

It is your job to report the truth in reguards to those who make the laws and run our country! Without the truthful press we will be in great danger of losing our most precious and hard fought for freedoms.

How can you be ready for a

How can you be ready for a rest from politics when it is your responsibility to keep the public informed? If you are truly tired I suggest you consider printing comic books.