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Why give funds to Israel, which offers free abortions?

To the editor:

President Trump has defunded nongovernment foreign groups that suggest abortion as a method of family planning. Most of these defunded organizations also provide contraceptives, which reduce the need for abortions so this action could well be self-defeating.

Curiously, the same pro-life groups that furiously oppose all abortions support Israel, a country where government provided abortions are easily obtained, and these abortions are funded in part by American taxpayers. We provide Israel with $3.8 billion a year mostly in weapon systems, but money is fungible and so these armaments free up other Israeli money for women’s health care, including abortions. (Our Israeli support costs over 11 dollars a year from every man woman and child in the United States and is paid every year.)

Abortion seekers must apply to a committee of three physicians and a social worker for approval but 97 percent of applicants are approved. Women under 18 and unmarried women are approved automatically. Some women prefer their own physician although this route is illegal. Even so, no abortion provider has been prosecuted.

Why do you suppose President Trump was so quick to stop funding for one abortion avenue while completely ignoring another. Can you say politics?

Henry E. Klugh
S. Woodwinds
Elmwood Township

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I ask that each of you

I ask that each of you pro-life people step up and fund the lives of poor children with disabilities who are unable to function on their own. Then, and only then, do you have the moral standing to criticize.