2017-02-02 / Outdoors

Anglers catching perch on Glen Lake, Lake Leelanau

The perch fishing contest on Glen Lake will be held on Feb. 18 regardless of weather.

Whether anglers on big Glen will be ice fishing is still in question, however.

“You can fish on big Glen in a boat if you want to,” said Bob Smith, owner of the Sportsman Shop in Glen Arbor. “It never really froze. It froze around the bridge there a little bit, but it’s been wide open for a couple weeks now.”

Smith said on Monday that anglers are catching plenty of perch on little Glen, where the ice seems to be in decent shape despite a recent warmup.

It’s a similar story atop Lake Leelanau, where anglers are reporting success with both walleye and perch.

Greg Alsip, manager of the Lake Leelanau Narrows Resort, said anglers were trusting the ice as of Monday.

“It’s getting better,” Alsip said. “Guys are out there with snowmobiles and quads. Everywhere north of Bingham there’s at least 8 inches.”

North Lake Leelanau has also frozen.

Alsip said ice is 3-4 inches thick in most spots, and that iceboaters have been active, but wouldn’t advise testing the ice just yet.

“We haven’t checked the whole lake yet,” Alsip said. “It’s right on the edge but not safe yet, not even close.”

West Bay, according to the Department of Natural Resources weekly fishing report, is still open.

Boat anglers, the report said, have caught perch up to 12 inches but are sorting through a lot of small ones.

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