2017-02-02 / Views

Sewers impede, allow growth

As Empire Village moves closer to receiving a feasibility study that will help council members determine whether to move forward with a municipal sewer, an important message was sent from the top of the peninsula.

Price matters.

The Northport community has learned that a group specializing in providing affordable housing is backing away from a plan to provide 36 low-priced apartments at least partly because of the cost to hook them into the village-township sewer.

That cost tops $16,000 per unit. A spokesperson for the group looking into the project said he didn’t feel right asking for a discount given that everyone else already had paid the going rate.

Indeed. Offering special rates to newcomers just might spark a riot.

We don’t intend to get into a deep discussion over the Northport sewer here, although that conversation will come unless more hook-ups are sold to spread costs.

And yes, the Northport sewer has brought benefits to the community.

We’d just like to point out that sewers can impede as well as allow growth — sometimes both at once.

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