2017-02-09 / Courts

Stolen handguns lead North Carolina to seek suspect

A 21-year-old Northport man was in 86th District Court again on Tuesday, where he was charged with being a fugitive from justice.

A Circuit Court arraignment was also held for Daniel E. Burrell after he waived his preliminary examination and pleaded guilty to two charges of receiving and concealing stolen firearms and one charge of domestic violence, second offense, according to a court report.

An extradition hearing for Burell was adjourned and placed on hold until his Leelanau County cases are resolved, said Tristan Chamberlain, assistant Leelanau County prosecutor.

The weapons were found on Dec. 22 when a Leelanau County sheriff’s deputy was called to a domestic incident at a home on Omena Road where Burrell had been living, the report said.

During that investigation the deputy became aware of stolen handguns that were allegedly in Burrell’s bedroom, according to a court report. After obtaining a search warrant, the deputy recovered a .22 Colt Woodsman and a .44 Mag Ruger Red Hawk, the report said.

The guns had apparently been taken from Burrell’s grandfather in North Carolina and had been reported as stolen, the report said.

Chamberlain said North Carolina is seeking to extradite Burrell and charge him in that case.

Burrell, who is originally from North Carolina, is currently being held in the Leelanau County Jail on a $50,000, 10 percent bond.

The weapons charges are 10-year felonies; the domestic violence charge is a misdemeanor.

Burrell also recently pleaded not guilty to charges of drunken driving, second offense; driving on a suspended license; and two counts of possession of a non-narcotic controlled substance.

Those charges are in connection with an April incident in which he was pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy after allegedly driving erratically on Center Highway.

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