2017-02-09 / Letters

Democratic Party falling apart

To the editor:

Soon it will be three weeks since Donald Trump became the 45th president of our nation.

Many still are not over it yet, like Senate Minority Leader Charles “Chucky” Schumer, who is not a resistor, but now, like many lefty liberal Democrats have become obstructionists.

Same is true for all those who are part of the ... protests.

There is no sane reason why Mr. Trump’s cabinet has not been fully confirmed, as was his predecessor, No. 44, who had his full cabinet confirmed by this time. The main reason for this are the obstructionist Democraps! Yes that’s right, the use of the word “crap!”

Why is that? Because the current members of that now self-destructing political party are exactly that.

The suggestion here is to stop the obstructionism of “crap,” and focus your efforts on either rebuilding the Democratic Party, or evolving into a new one?

America needs two viable political parties, not just one! This nation will not stand for a political party in total and complete disarray with minimal, acceptable, creditability.

So let’s cut the “crap,” you Democrats, and together, let’s all of us bring, America back!

Eric Winkelman
P.O. Box 451
Glen Arbor

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Roger Parkins Funny, I

Roger Parkins Funny, I pictured liberal Democrats the same as you describe. Perhaps you could post a picture of yourself and save us all the trouble.

I would appreciate it if you

I would appreciate it if you would send a photo of yourself to the Enterprise so I can see what a Trump supporter from Leelanau County looks like. I have seen photos of those like you from Mississipp, Alabama and Texas (no teeth, wife beater t-shirts, etc.) so it would be instructive.