2017-02-09 / Letters

Demonstrators are really rioters; should have been arrested

To the editor:

Several things. The right to demonstrate is legit. The right to do damage and destroy things while demonstrating is not. Every one of the rioters, oops, excuse me “demonstrators” in California that broke a window or started fires or did other damage, to prevent the speaker from giving his speech, I would have tazzed, arrested and had placed in jail. Just who gets the freedom to speak anyway?

President Trump is learning a lot about how things run in Washington. He will have to learn if the people around him in elected or appointed offices can be trusted to work with him in bringing our country back from liberal abyss that we were looking into just a few short weeks ago.

Also, speaking of an abyss, what do you think should be done with our nation’s $20 trillion debt? It’s not going away by itself. What happens when the federal government can’t pay its bills and goes belly up like Russia did. There will be no money for anything. And $10 trillion of that debt is from just the last eight years.

No, I think Trump is doing just fine so far; he will learn who to trust and who to bypass.


Stephen Schlueter
E. Solem Rd.
Suttons Bay

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