2017-02-09 / Letters

Don’t move Heritage Trail route

To The Editor:

I am a summer resident of Leelanau. One of the most enjoyable walks I take is along Lake Michigan Road and Good Harbor Bay. It is an unpaved, secluded, peaceful place where one can truly enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the natural world. It would be a mistake to pave this road and fill it with bicycle riders – no more solitude and no more escape from the disturbances caused by the activity; the beautiful beaches are the attraction. It should be obvious by now that the residents around Little Traverse Lake Road will stop at nothing to keep the trail away from their property – including their half page ad in the 2/2/17 edition of the Leelanau Enterprise to pave along Good Harbor. It is also obvious that they are trying to sell their selfishness to the rest of us who treasure this area just as it is as nature created it; you have to wonder if they would advocate so strongly for another road other than their own and other homeowners’ privacy. I’m sure they rarely if ever enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan Road and could care less about the rest of us who love it and call this “our beach.” While their concerns about the woodland around Traverse Road are legitimate – do not throw Good Harbor under the bus!

Joan Kufskie
Maple City Road
Maple City

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