2017-02-09 / Letters

Executive order, draconian reach

To the editor:

The following is a brief letter that I sent to our Attorney General today. I would like it published as a letter to the editor.

Dear Mr. Schuette: Your fellow Attorneys General in Washington and Massachusetts have already challenged the President’s ban on Muslim immigrants from seven nations as unconstitutional. What in God’s, or Allah’s, name called you to support that ban?

Michigan is home to thousands of Muslims, many of whom came from those nations to work or study. NPR yesterday highlighted a Somali women now attending graduate school at MSU who fears that if she leaves the country to do the research required to obtain her PhD, she will not be allowed back in despite the fact that she has been a lawful U.S. resident for eleven years, is married to an American citizen and has two American children.

Your oath requires you to represent all of the people of Michigan. I urge you to immediately reconsider your support for the Muslim ban. And, yes, it is a Muslim ban since the President has exempted non-Muslims in those seven from the draconian reach of the executive order.

And, might I suggest that the next time you allow your religion to overrule your judgment, that you also schedule a town hall meeting in Dearborn, my home town.

Jay S. Johnson
Jonathon Ct., Empire

Editor’s note: President Donald Trump’s executive order calls for a temporary ban on travel to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries. A legal challenge to the order is now being adjudicated in the federal court system.

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