2017-02-09 / Letters

Kudos to Road Commission drivers

To the Editor:

As a former BATA driver and current Leland school bus driver, I would like to give a very deserved Thank You to the drivers and staff of the Leelanau County Road Commission for their efforts so far this season in clearing our roads. To have main roads scraped bare a day or two after significant snows is greatly appreciated. The secondary and thirdary(?) roads get attention too. The commission has gone through recent changes, yet the commitment to winter plowing is high.

Also appreciated is the higher reflectively of sign posts as driving early and later in the day under reduced visibility adds to safely transporting students and teams.

The new green strobes are also helpful.

Thanks again, and as Sam at NJ’s always says, “So far, so good”.

Dave Noble
PO Box 231, Leland

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I second all of the above

I second all of the above (especially Sam's quote), except that the new retro-reflective signs can be almost too bright at night, reducing night vision and the ability to see critters along the highway. I wish there was a happy medium.