2017-02-09 / Letters

Take alternative Heritage Trail route seriously

To the Editor:

The stunningly smart proposal for completing the Heritage Trail along County Road 669 and Michigan Road on Good Harbor Bay outlined in last week’s Enterprise should be taken very seriously.

To make the beaches at the northern tip of CR 669 the trailhead of the Heritage Trail is very logical for four primary reasons:

 Ending the trail at the 669 beaches circumvents all the potential conflicts of attempting to reach CR 651. This solution would avoid routing through private property, residential neighborhoods and wildlife habitat.

 The 669 Beachhead already has several parking and picnic areas, restrooms and drinking water options.

 The environmental impact would be significantly reduced by using the flat and cleared areas at the end of existing 669 National Lakeshore beach access road. This approach would avoid excavation of fragile dunes and the clearing of mature forests.

 Construction costs would be substantially reduced, while avoiding steep hillsides and ecologically sensitive areas necessary to access the proposed 651 trailhead.

For the record, I have no connection with the group who made this proposal: Local Citizens Supporting a Scenic Heritage Trail.

Finally, if this alternative plan for the northern tip of the trail is implemented, there will still be over 25 miles of completed trail from Empire to Good Harbor Bay.

Jim Schaberg
Gousty Knowe, Lake Leelanau

Editor’s note: The alternative route was depicted in a paid advertisement placed by the Citizens for Scenic Heritage Trail organization.

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