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Taking Trump down with litany of allegations

To the editor:

Tired of lies and diatribes from Republicans! Hillary lost in a “landslide”? Absurd! She won the popular vote, and the Electoral vote margin ranked 46th of 56. A change of .1 percent in 3 states would have flipped the election. There is no mandate!

America already is great. Obama helped lead us back from a severe recession even with GOP congressional leaders meeting to strategize all-out resistance. Senator Voinavich (R) said, “If [Obama] was for it, we had to be against it.” Despite that, unemployment down 4 percent, 9 million new jobs, corporate profits up 166 percent, violent crime down 16 percent, homicide down 13 percent, and consumer confidence had risen from the 50’s to the 90’s before elections.

The 1994 Republican revolution started truly divisive politics. RINOs were branded traitors. The religious right, birthers and Tea Party pushed the GOP further still, aided by Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Mark Levin and many more filling the airwaves with hate, xenophobia, propaganda and outright lies (yes I listen and have voted Republican). Jim, Mary, isn’t it tiresome hearing it all day, every day?

State Republicans stacked and packed their way to a majority in our Legislature. It’s magic! They gerrymandered 18,000 fewer votes into a 63-47 majority. And, don’t get me started on how Republicans have suppressed even legitimate votes.

The Christian Right fought to control our bedrooms, bodies, and workplaces to “protect traditional family values.” And, who did “Christians” support for president? A flip-flopping, thrice married, self-confessed adulterer and ... grabber, six bankruptcies, phony university and charitable foundation, racially discriminated in housing, disparaged cultures, and dodged draft (yet impugns POWs). For Shame! Republicans bought the lies of an egomaniacal reality TV star bully. With 52 percent disapproval rating and 60 percent claiming he’s unqualified, I say good luck comrades!

Mark Leugers
Cherry Bend Rd.
Elmwood Township

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Right on Mark! With the

Right on Mark! With the republicans, as long as you are a fetus, you are safe, after that you are on your own. So is your mother!

Good letter Mark.

Good letter Mark. Republicans say they want government out out of peoples lives until it comes to restricting women's rights, putting religous nuts in our schools and the rest of their nonsense.