2017-02-09 / Letters

What Bannon’s objective means for Enterprise

To the Editor:

I was interested to read the comments of Steve Bannon, Chief Strategist and Senior Advisor to President Trump, saying that the media should “keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while.” I read that as saying we don’t need information that helps us understand the issues and we don’t need to hear a variety of views related to those issues and we don’t need independent fact checking of the data provided on those issues. Applying that standard to the local level concerning Leelanau County government, I guess this means for you, Enterprise, that you are to report fully on all the actions and statements made by County Administrator Chet Janik and, other than that, shut up. For myself, as a subscriber and regular reader of the Enterprise, I hope and trust that you will not do that.

Dick Glosenger
Westview Drive, Empire

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Heck Dick, you are too nice,

Heck Dick, you are too nice, why stop there. The enterprise should be reporting on the Trump administration, with Russia's aprovial, is set on destroying Americans way of fairness. I mean, look at what happens when republicans have complete controll like in Michigan. Millions of tax breaks to the rich and their companys, increased taxes on pensions of people that might still have them , people who spent their lives working for those companys, letting oil companies continue to use their aging pipelines. through our pristene waters despite disasters that have already happened and haven't been cleaned up ... oh And while they are at it, grab some dollars to pay for the tax breaks for these same companys that donate generously to the republican campains that agree with them.. lets poison the people of Flint's water supply to save some bucks. These guys are a worse danger to us than any terrorist today could dream of doing!,