2017-02-09 / Life in Leelanau

Talk of the County

Having a conversation with Scott Bradley

SCOTT BRADLEY’S favorite place in the county is Good Harbor Beach, but don’t tell anybody. SCOTT BRADLEY’S favorite place in the county is Good Harbor Beach, but don’t tell anybody. Name: Scott Bradley

Town or township of residence: Centerville Township

Resident of county since: 1978

Age and birthplace: I’m 58. I was born in Highland Park.

Occupation: I’m a county maintenance worker. I take care of the parks in the summer — Myles Kimmerly, Old Settlers and Veronica Valley. The the other six months I take care of the grounds here. I’ve worked here for four years. I worked at Tower Automotive in Traverse City for 26 years when they decided to leave town and more than 200 people lost their jobs. So I went to college and learned about maintenance.

Marital status: Single. I have three daughters who are 31, 27 and 21. Especially after the divorce it was quite a handful raising three daughters, but they all turned out great.

You live in Leelanau County because: I love it here. Why wouldn’t I?

Last good movie you saw: “Rogue One.” I’m not a real movie watcher.

Last good book you read: The Leelanau Enterprise. I don’t read books.

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would that be: Mahatma Gandhi. It would be kind of cool.

Things important to you that you have accomplished so far: I raised three beautiful daughters, and I’m happy with my job. I’m pretty satisfied with my life.

What you hope to be doing in 10 years: Traveling more, maybe to the Canary Islands. I’ve seen most of the United States. There’s only six states I haven’t seen.

Things you lose sleep over: Politics.

If you could change one thing in Leelanau County, it would be: The popularity of it. Quit making everything No. 1.

Favorite dessert: Anything chocolate.

Are you a coffee drinker: Yes, with cream.

Favorite place in Leelanau County: Good Harbor Beach.

If you had more time you would: Travel.

The words that best describe you are: Happy, carefree, a touch sarcastic.

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